Skin Care

PCA Chemical Peels

PCA Chemical peels are performed to improve skin texture, tone and elasticity and helps to remove damaging outer layers of skin.  A consult is necessary to determine the best type of peel for your skin   Prices range from $125.00-$175.00 depending on depth of peel.

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Cosmetic Make-up is a procedure where pigments are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin.  Single use sterile materials are used with each application and strict sanitation/ sterilization guidelines are followed in accordance with OSHA and the CDC. The most commonly requested procedures are eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color. It generally takes 1-2 hours per procedure.

This is a great solution for individuals who:

Skin Medica Vitalize Peel®

This is a unique blend providing a strong, yet gentle treatment for all skin types that enhances the benefits of alpha-hydroxy. This peel has been proven to help reduce the signs of aging. It also improves those that have sun-damage,blemish-prone, acne scarring skin, hyperpigmentation, melasma, and poor skin. The Vitalize Peel provides immediate results and only takes about 20 minutes.

SkinCeuticals® Micropeel Plus

Safe, effective, and shows enhanced results 7-10 days after your first treatment. It is very similar to the Micropeel and it refines skins textures, smoothes fine lines, and reduces appearances of scars/facial damage. It takes 15 minutes in-office and in one week after the procedure your skin will go through a renewal process.

The exclusive 1-step chemical peel:

SkinCeuticals® Micropeel

Safe, effective, and it has immediate results. It includes glycolic acid and lactic acid which treats all skin types and skin colors. There is no downtime and includes a unique treatment with physical and chemical exfoliation for effective correction.

The exclusive 3-step epidermal peel: